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Should Boris Johnson resign?

13 Jan 2022


A message from the Chairman of Grassroots Conservatives

It has been some time since Grassroots Conservatives has thought it necessary to make comments on current Conservative matters. We were content that the party got rid of Theresa May, whose unhappy premiership caused so much grief.  We were content that Boris Johnson then took over, winning a fantastic election victory with a substantial majority which resulted in getting Brexit done. Every Conservative commentator had so much to say and our contribution seemed unnecessary.

We are now in a very different situation with considerable public and private reaction to events in Downing Street in tandem with the continuing pandemic and its draconian rules.  At PMQs on Wednesday we have now heard the Prime Minister’s explanation of these events and the muted reactions of some Conservative politicians while the usual media suspects thirst for blood.  

What Grassroots Conservatives wishes to do now is to seek the views of you, its 
supporters and followers, to gauge what you think about the pressure for Boris Johnson either to resign or be subject to a vote of confidence from Conservative MPs. In short, should he stay or should he go? 

Please let us know your answers to these questions:

Should Boris Johnson resign. Yes or No

Should Boris Johnson now be subject to a vote of confidence from Conservative MPs. Yes or No 

Should Boris Johnson  Stay.  Yes or No 

Please add any other comments here

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Thank you

Ed Costelloe
Chairman, Grassroots Conservatives


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