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Bishop says: "Never trust a Tory". A personal comment

17 Aug 2021

Personal Comment by Delyth Miles

On her twitter account of the Bishop of St David’s under the name Joanna Penberthy WeAreRemain #GTTO (Get the Tories Out) # FBPE (Follow Back Pro-European) recently posted: “They say that this is not true, but we know better.  Just think of the lies of #Boris Johnson.  Never trust a Tory”.  

It is obvious what her politics are. As a committee member of Grassroots Conservatives, I feel that Bishop Penberthy’s twitter comment (and not the first!) was not only grossly unfair but demonstrated her lack of awareness, understanding and respect for Conservative Christians. It also shows a lack of understanding of the human condition, for all of us are sinners, all of us are equally un-trustworthy but surely most  Christians strive through our faith and worship to respect God’s word and commands as written in the Bible.

Her comment was also personally offensive to me and hundreds of thousands of others, many of whom reside in her diocese.  I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must be for individuals to attend services and receive communion from Bishop Joanna Penberthy.  

Although my main home is in Essex where I attend, worship, and take regular communion in my Parish church, I continue to have close links with the Church in my home village in the county of Ceredigion where I grew up and became a Christian when confirmed by the then Bishop of St David’s at the age of 13.   I, and my extended family, have a great deal of respect for the local Parish vicar whose workload appears to be growing at a very unreasonable rate of knots because of the merging of parishes.  I realise that merging parishes seems to be the way forward by the Anglican Church, but will this work? Or will it just drive more people away from the Church?

Our great institution appears to have lost its way over recent years and I, like hundreds of thousands of other supporters, sincerely hope that the Archbishops of Canterbury and York together with the General Synod will act and reverse the current trends of appointing more Bishops with a corresponding reduction in the recruitment and training of Parish Priests.  Bishop Penberthy’s twitter post is a clear example of how far removed many of our Bishops are from the reality of everyday life and in their lack of ability to engage effectively with worshippers – it really is time for this to end before irretrievable damage is done to our wonderful and precious institution.

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