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New Year Message from Grassroots Conservatives

4 Jan 2020

New Year 2020

Message from Grassroots Conservatives

Hopefully you will all have had a great Christmas and also had time to reflect on the wonderful victory the party achieved in the General Election. The way is now clear to govern without the agonies of no majority or of the earlier coalition, to implement manifesto promises and look  to the needs of a ten year plan for government. The party has been ‘lent’ the votes of many who have never voted for it before. In the long term we must ensure that they stay with us for the good of the country. 

The Labour party continues to be in denial about the reasons for defeat. As Professor David Starkey recently pointed out, ( it was attempting the impossible - to please both its socially conservative, patriotic, Brexit voting northern heartlands with the ‘anywhere’ Remain voting metropolitan liberals. It also shows little sign of producing a new leader who understands how to win elections. However we must be always alert as perchance it is not dead but sleepeth.

The innate common sense of the British people has not been taken in by the London based liberalism introduced under David Cameron and Theresa May. We must hope that many of the nonsenses of recent years in the so called ‘modernisation’ of equality issues and the developments in Relationships and Sex Education which risk sexualising young children will wither away. Never again must people be sacked for saying the truth that there are only two sexes.


A massive rethink must be done to invest in and bring greater prosperity to the North and those areas which overturned years of Labour voting. Many ideas abound. A good start might be an English parliament in the North with Westminster being the UK parliament.  Whole departments of the civil service, including their top people, should moved out of London. I am deeply suspicious of mega projects however, as they always seem to run out of control. But a number of coordinated small schemes within an overall plan could bring greater benefits.

Social care, and proper provision for the increasing number of elderly in the population should not be a political football but need to addressed seriously. Ideally a cross party solution should be aimed for.

The first task is clearly to move ahead with Brexit and get constipated government moving again. The next stage will be tough, but now at last we will have a sense of direction to assist in the complex negotiations. The very short timescale is challenging. But neither we nor the EU actually want a WTO-based no-deal so there is as much pressure on them as us. At long last politics is going to be interesting and serious with the pathetic bickering and plotting of Hammond, Letwin, Bercow and Benn a thing of the past. 

In hope and expectation of great things ahead, Grassroots Conservatives wishes you all a prosperous and exciting year ahead.

Ed Costelloe


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