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Press release on the announcement of Boris Johnson as new leader

23 Jul 2019

The overriding concern for the vast majority of grassroots conservative party members in the election of the new leader was to have a person who was fully committed as a ‘believer’ in securing what the country, in a referendum authorized by Parliament, decided.

The person who embodied that commitment from the outset is now our Prime Minister. Much remains to be done.

Grassroots Conservatives calls on everyone, especially all Conservative MPs, to honour the democratic decision to leave the EU taken following the decision by Parliament to hold a referendum on the issue. 

A struggle has been going on between the representative and participatory aspects of our democracy in this last three years.  Yes, MPs are elected not as delegates but as representatives chosen on the basis of their expressed policies to exercise their best judgement. But, no, they have no right once the participatory aspect of democracy,  which Parliament approved, has spoken, in this case for Brexit, to frustrate that decision.

‘By 31 October’, Ed Costelloe, the chairman of Grassroots Conservatives, has said, ‘we need a government that promotes the upside of no deal. This is essential to prevent party supporters seeing the Brexit party as the only honest way to secure the referendum result.’ 


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