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The Conservative Party’s sex education policy is liberal bilge

3 Mar 2019

It’s called the Conservative Party . . . and yet its sex education policy is liberal bilge . Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times

The — supposedly Conservative — government has swallowed all the tendentious liberal bilge from the jabbering victimhood pressure groups and is determined to instruct primary school children in the joys of being transgender or gay, so we might be a more “inclusive” society. This is propaganda, pure and simple.

The issue was debated in the Commons last week solely because a sufficient number of normal, sentient people had objected to the authoritarian intrusion into what should be a matter for parents and parents alone. But it will go ahead, and so the kids will be prone to the beguiling lure of cachet that now attends to any form of difference from the norm. All of these have been imbued with appeal, by official sanction.

Pragmatically, the government is wrong to pursue this policy for two reasons. First, electorally, it alienates the support of real conservatives, as the petition to parliament made clear. There is real opposition out there to this supposedly progressive grandstanding.

But it is pragmatically wrong for a far more important reason. Children are best brought up by two people, a man and a woman, who are their natural genetic parents and who are married. And yet that is the one thing you can bet your last penny will not form part of the sex education curriculum, lest it offend those who are gay, transgender or heterosexual but wish to adopt the lifestyle choice of that lady from Doncaster I mentioned.

This is how the Marriage Foundation puts it: “ Too many people and families — children, adults and society as a whole — experience the emotional and financial costs of shattered relationships. If we allow the myths to perpetuate . . . that marriage is ‘just a piece of paper’, that getting married ‘makes no difference’ and is just as likely as informal cohabitation to fail, or that, as a simple alternative, ‘common law marriage’ exists, then the result will be more breakdown, more costs, more hurt and pain, and more children whose chances in life are compromised.”

Do view Rod Liddle’s excellent interview of Rev Dr Jules Gomes in the online version of this piece

Comments from Grassroots Conservatives members:

“Absolutely spot on.  I am deeply ashamed of the stance the Conservative Party is taking on these issues.  They won’t be around to pick up the pieces and to see the damage they’ve created in the future.”  DM

“A further erosion of Christian values by the liberal elitist society that exists in all walks of political life Chris.  As a political society we are obsessed by appeasement of every conceivable group at the expense of Christianity.”  RP

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