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Letter to the Conservative Party Chairman - Telegraph

19 Jan 2019

To Brandon Lewis

Chairman of the Conservative Party

Dear Mr Chairman,

I personally wrote to the PM some six months ago, urging her to take notice of us foot soldiers on the ground, we are the troops who deliver Conservative MP’s and Councillors their election victories. She is absolutely correct when she says that there will be no enthusiasm for volunteers to continue campaigning for the party if the democratic mandate handed to us by the British people in 2016 is not delivered in it’s entirety.

The deal that was on the table on Tuesday night was not what the people voted for. Not only was it a bad deal, it was a non deal which tied us to the failing EU forever.  It could not deliver on the PM’s mantra of “ taking back control of our laws, borders and money”, the EU would never allow it.  The British voter is not stupid and can see through the Remain plot to keep us locked in the corrupt and failing European Union.  As Chairman to Chairman and as a committed Conservative supporter, voter and hard working activist over the last 44 years, I have to say with a heavy heart, that if Brexit is not delivered as per the vote of 17.4m people in the referendum I would find it extremely difficult to remain part of a party that is hell bent on reversing the will of the British people.  

I fear that if the party does not change direction, get behind Brexit and leave the EU as intended, the Party I have dedicated my life to will be consigned to the history books as the party that denied democracy.  

That will be our legacy, the British public will never forgive us for that heinous act of betrayal and who could blame them.  They did NOT vote for a DEAL, they voted to LEAVE, if we fail to deliver that the Conservative Party will sentence itself to political oblivion for generations to come.  We have survived the “ no confidence “ vote but we will not survive the betrayal.

Kind regards

Cllr. Bob Perry Chairman Hornchurch & Upminster Conservative Association

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