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Letter to Brandon Lewis, Party Chairman

16 Jan 2019

Grassroots Conservatives is sending you this letter from Cllr. Bob Perry, Chairman of Hornchurch & Upminster Conservative Association. It expresses the view of many, though not all Grassroots Conservatives.

He requests that all Association Chairs write to Brandon Lewis as Dinah Glover has done below and tell him that they will offer their resignation if Brexit is not delivered as per the will of 17.4m voters in the referendum in 2016 since Brexit must be delivered in its entirety or democracy, together with the Conservative Party will be designated to history. 

To Brandon Lewis

Chairman of the Conservative Party

Dear Brandon 

As a Conservative activist it saddens me to see a Conservative Government have such a defeat against it, however we should all reflect on the fact that this was avoidable and that the PM has failed to take her Party with her and has refused to listen to our justified concerns about Chequers and the son of Chequers the Withdrawal Agreement which leads to the Backstop. The PM has been told that we disagree with the WA & Backstop because it ties us to rulings of the ECJ, we continue to have to implement EU law with no say, whilst not being able to sign trade deals and not being included in any new EU trade deals, whilst paying £39bn for the privilege. All of this we cannot escape without the say so of the EU. We were heading to be a vassal state. 

This is a bad deal which most people can see as demonstrated in the House last night. It is so bad that Brexiters like me consider it worse than EU membership and to answer the PMs mantra, no it doesn’t deliver on Brexit, it does not take back control of our laws. We have been trying to explain what is wrong with the deal all along, but the machinery of the Party have shut us down and No 10 refuses to listen and understand the genuine reasons why the ERG are telling the PM why they cannot support it and frankly it is not just the ERG, everyone understands we are heading for a vassal state and no-one voted for that. To design a deal meant to be delivering on Brexit, which most Party Leave voters don’t agree it does is inept and destined to fail. The first rule of battle is to take your troops with you, not ignore them. 

Within the Party there are many Area Chairman, Association Chairmen and Officers who have my views but are not vocal, either because they are on the Parliamentary list, scared or like to be perceived of as loyal. Countless former Remainers have said to me that they now are happy to leave with no deal. If the PM continues on her present trajectory she is doomed to lose, if she ‘softens’ Brexit then she will destroy the Party. Under both scenarios there are swathes of Officers who are looking at resignation, even if they don’t can you imagine them campaigning with much enthusiasm for the national Government? 

The PM needs to ensure that we leave the EU on the 29th March 2019. She needs to jettison the current WA and work to get as managed a no deal as she can. The Party and the Country will support her. After all that’s what we voted for in the EU referendum and in 2017 when she said ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ and we’ve just told her, her deal is a bad deal. There is no debate that it’s a failed deal. 

This is a tipping point for our Country. The PM can either allow us to fail 17.4m voters, visibly showing that our democratic system has failed or she can deliver on that promise and stand up to the EU. 

I sincerely hope for our Country, our Party and democracy she decides on the latter. 

Yours sincerely 

Dinah Glover 
Chairman of London East and Bethnal Green and Bow Conservatives

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