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Conservative members opposing Party’s Brexit line

6 Jan 2019

The Sunday Express reports that Councillor Robert Perry, chairman of the Hornchurch and Upminster Association, has claimed that he received a threat to have the association suspended after he had criticised Mrs May’s deal publicly.

Mr Perry, who is also a member of Conservative Grassroots, said that members are becoming disillusioned by the Brexit policy.

He said: “Members have expressed their anger at the Prime Minister’s failure to deliver the Brexit the country voted for and a number have resigned their membership of the party in protest.

“I am seriously concerned that the number of active campaigners will dwindle as a result of the Government’s Brexit policy.

“It is because of hardworking voluntary members of the party that the Conservatives win elections.

“Without them the party will take a serious hit at the ballot box if the policy doesn’t change.”

Councillor Delyth Miles from the Clacton association, another senior member of the activist organisation Conservative Grassroots, said she has received hundreds of emails from party members who are furious over the Brexit policy.

She said: "Many of them were stalwart activists and patrons and said they are not going to help the party again.

“The language used really shook me and it was clear that most of them want a leadership contest.”

There have also been claims that pressure was put on South Cambridgeshire and Browtowe associations to not deselect Remainer rebels Heidi Allen and Anna Soubry.

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