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Joe Johnson’s resignation - write to Conservative MPs

10 Nov 2018

From the chairman of Hornchurch and Upminister CA

Dear Grassroots,

Following the resignation of Joe Johnson my initial thought was one of joy that a remain minister in the government had dealt Teresa May a crushing blow in the sense that a staunchly remain minister, generally known as “The quiet man” has quit the government over its shameful handling of Brexit.

It turned sour when I heard the full speech he delivered which revealed his true intention that he wants a second referendum, or to coin the other phrase “a people’s vote”.  This in my opinion is an orchestrated attempt by the remain side to force the PM’s hand into believing that if a remain, senior member of government feels as strongly as he does, then she has a serious dilemma, referendum two or not.

Some may remember the open letter I had, part published, in the Sunday Times in which I warned the Prime Minister that if she does not detract from her current plan of half in/half out of the EU, she is condemning the Conservative Party to the political wilderness for generations to come. 

We entered negotiations with the EU hampered by  a weak Prime Minister with no real fire in her belly to deliver the will of the 17.4 million people who voted to take back control of our borders and our sovereignty.  The entire process from the start has been, and will continue to be, a chaotic shambles whilst the Chequers Plan is still firmly in the mind of a weak Prime Minister whose heart is to remain. Under her leadership we have become the laughing stock of Europe and beyond, instead of the great country we can be, when and if we are ever free of the corrupt dictatorship which is the European Union.

We are continually told by Number 10 that the problem is caused by the Northern Ireland backstop. So let’s take a good look at what that really is.  There is no need for an Irish border. This can be done electronically as is done in Rotterdam, the world’s busiest port and it is as simple as it is seamless. 

The backstop plan was engineered by French President, Macron purely with the intention of causing chaos within the UK government. He knew that with a weak PM in charge, Parliament would be split in many directions. He is confident that a deal will be done which keeps us in the Customs Union, effectively forever.

I am afraid, fellow Brexiteers, that the future does not look rosy.  However all is not lost. We the voters must let Teresa May know in no uncertain terms that we will not accept anything other than the Brexit we voted for. 

How do we do that? Well here’s a thought. When you have finished reading this, compose a letter to your Conservative MP and tell them that they must vote down any plan put to Parliament that denies us the right to do business with the rest of the world. Remind them that it is you that voted them into office and it is you who can reverse that vote next time around.  Association Chairmen/women, your selection committees have the power to decide their re selection, make sure they understand that if the British people are denied the Brexit they voted for they will lose their seats at the next election, fact.

It’s a long shot I know but I urge you to give it a try. If any of what I have said resonates with you in any way, please pass this on to every Brexiter you know.

Let’s start a real movement to deliver the  will of the people and restore this great country of ours to the independent sovereign nation it deserves to be. Votes deliver governments into power, make sure they know that the real power is in the hands of the voter.

Kind regards
Cllr. Bob Perry
Hornchurch & Upminster 
Conservative Association

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