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How can we believe her? Please ask your MP to vote for a WTO deal

26 Nov 2018


From Ed Costelloe, chairman of Grassroots Conservatives

November 26 2018

                  It is often said that we live in interesting political times. But we are currently in the midst of a slow-motion car crash.  Theresa May, a Remainer, undertook to steer us through Brexit in line with the democratic wish of the British people.  Anyone with business experience knew that the EU would prove a hard negotiator. Yet today we have a draft withdrawal agreement which legal opinion brands atrocious and which has no provision for walking away except with the agreement of Brussels.  Imagine what would happen to the Gibraltar question, EU access to our fishing waters or forced adherence to EU standards before Brussels would deign to let us venture out on our own, with eurocrats still holding onto the reins.

                  A bloody difficult woman, by her own statement, and we all thought that meant we would benefit from Maggie Mark II; but no, it meant capitulation to Brussels and a kick in the teeth to anyone who dared suggest a proper sovereign Brexit. 

                 The British people have been fed a diet of false expectations such as, No Deal is better than a Bad Deal, which has morphed into a threat of no Brexit or the dreadful deal currently on the table.  Amber Rudd and the PM herself are softening us up for this sinister predicament. The toothless Political Agreement currently doing the rounds is so contemptible as to deserve no further comment.

Where does Theresa May stand in all this? 

·      She refused to fund No Deal preparations following the Referendum and now claims it is really a bit late. 

·      Project Fear scare stories are being fed to us; on detailed investigation these turn out to be mostly unfounded. 

·      Her trusted civil servant Ollie Robins has been with her since her hard-hearted days at the Home Office. Together they side-lined David Davis and his department by creating a covert parallel negotiating team. Dominic Raab resigned too when face to face with the shameful reality of the concession negotiations.

·      On the Prime Minister’s head lies the fiasco of the last General Election, after which she apologised to those who lost their seats; now she says that she does not regret calling that election.

           Along with some brave MPs I must go on record and say that I no longer trust our Prime Minister and Leader of our once proud party.  Party members, voters and the public at large are not fools; the contempt shown by the ruling élite to the public and indeed to Parliament is destroying all trust in politics.

            The removal of the Prime Minister from office and its timing are in the hands of Conservative MPs. The bravery of the few who have stood up to her is in stark contrast to the silence of the many who permitted Theresa May to come back from a position of extreme weakness after the General Election to throw her weight around and deliberately derail Brexit.

             Grassroots Conservatives receive massive feedback from supporters and Party members and the overwhelming majority would endorse these views.  It is said that people get the politicians they deserve. But does the UK really deserve the pitiful situation we have arrived at with Brexit?  Parliament is almost certain to throw out the Withdrawal Agreement. So, come on, Tory MPs - let’s move on; the EU will not change but we can!  We are the fifth largest economy in the world so what exactly is frightening us?

             Staying in the EU is better than this deal due to the constraints we would be under and the total uncertainty as to how we could proceed. Leaving on WTO terms is condemned by the authors and supporters of Project Fear, wonderfully helped by the wicked and deliberate late planning insisted on by Theresa May and Phillip Hammond.

Please contact your MP to vote for Exit on WTO terms

             Those who voted ‘Leave’ were well aware that leaving involved difficulties and friction as well as extra admin and costs. But we felt it a price worth paying to regain Sovereignty. Despite voices of fear and trembling, many eminent economists and businessmen with international reputations confirm that WTO terms are an excellent basis for post Brexit trade. The EU want to sell to us and we to them and will be anxious immediately to negotiate individual elements of many things mentioned in the so called Withdrawal Agreement. Some indeed would be non-contentious. Others we would not have to address such as Fishing Rights as that would be up to us as an independent country to deal with as we pleased.

             I urge everybody who cares about their country and who recognises that we will be leaving the EU next March to contact their MPs, in the expectation that the Commons will reject the agreement, to be brave enough to go for a clean break on WTO terms.  The EU will not renegotiate and the alternative is to stay in.

            Great Britain can do this if we have the courage and faith in our own abilities and do not believe absurd scare stories such as last week’s tale that our drinking water would become unsafe.

Let us move on with confidence.

Yours sincerely

Ed Costelloe

Chairman, Grassroots Conservatives

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