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Bob Perry, CA Chairman for Hornchurch and Upminster quoted in Sunday Express

18 Nov 2018

Bob Perry, chairman of the Conservative Association for Hornchurch and Upminster, says the deal is the “worst thing that could happen to this country” and has called on voters to make a difference at the next general election.

He said: “I urged people to go out and lobby their MPs and tell them if they don’t vote this deal down that they won’t re-elect them. I stand by that. I have had a lot of support from members with letters and emails and people saying that I had inspired them.”

Mr Perry, a Havering borough councillor, said he has come under pressure from Tory Party bosses but vowed to continue speaking out on the Grassroots Conservatives website. He added: “Number 10 and CCHQ obviously didn’t like what I have been saying. “I have had it from good authority to suggest that I should not be so vocal but I will not be silenced. This deal has to be voted down.”

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