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Memo to Ruth Davidson

10 Aug 2018

Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, has argued that muslim women who wear burkas should be defended in the same way as Christians who wear a crucifix. She said: “If you use the analogy of Christianity, would you ever write in the Telegraph that you should have a debate about banning Christians from wearing crucifixes?”

Two points in a memo to Ms Davidson

First, there was a significant debate about banning Christians from wearing crucifixes in 2012 when Nadia Eweida, a British Airways employee was suspended for wearing a cross at work and Shirley Chaplin a nurse from Exeter was suspended for the same.  Both lost their cases at employment tribunals in the UK. The UK Government argued that wearing a cross is not an essential tenet of Christianity.

Archbishop Sentamu of York said: “Christians are not obliged to wear a cross but should be free to show their love for and trust in Jesus Christ in this way if they so wish.”

Second, the cross of Jesus is central to the Christian faith, at the heart of the gospel narratives and the letters of St Paul. By contrast in a letter to the Times on August 9, Taj Hargey, the imam at the Oxford Islamic Congregation said that the burka had no Koranic legitimacy but was a nefarious component of a trendy gateway theology for religious extremism and militant Islam.

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