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Text of open letter to the Prime Minister reported in Sunday Times

22 Jul 2018

The Rt Hon Theresa May PC. MP,
Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury
10 Downing Street
London SW!A 2AA                                                                              
July 19 2018

Dear Prime Minister,

When you first entered Downing Street in the weeks after Britain voted to leave the European Union in the historic referendum result, you were clear that “Brexit means Brexit.” You also promised to seize the opportunity to take back control of our money, borders and laws. 

However, the deal that was agreed at Chequers just two weeks ago is a betrayal of the bold promises you made in your Lancaster House speech and will render the UK a “vassal state” of Brussels. 

We have taken soundings from within the party and it is clear that the proposed deal is not the Brexit that was promised to either the electorate or the many party members who campaigned tirelessly to leave the European Union, and as such we find it unacceptable. 

We have to deliver what was promised- to avoid a Brexit in name only and to respect the will of the 17.4m voters who chose to Leave. Not to do so would be electoral suicide and could result in the party being out of power for generations to come, please do not let this be your legacy.

Therefore with both the future of our country and party at stake, we regretfully inform you that we will be lobbying MPs to vote down the Chequers deal, unless further compromises are made that will deliver a strong, independent, self-governing Britain that is genuinely open to the world.

We urge you to use the summer recess change course. It’s not too late to save Brexit, honour the will of the people and unite the party behind a new vision of Brexit that will ensure Britain reaps the benefits of leaving the EU that is so richly deserves.

Bob Perry
Hornchurch & Upminster 
Conservative Association 

and more than a dozen Conservative Association leaders and scores of others

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