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Grassroots' response to Chequers deal reported

21 Jul 2018

The Sunday Times reports:

Last week Conservative Association leaders were summoned to Downing Street to attend briefings on the Chequers deal with Gavin Barwell, the prime minister’s chief of staff. “That is not Brexit,” said one after the talks, stabbing the air with anger as he pointed at No 10.

Another, on being told by Barwell that the proposal is what business wants, replied: “Sonny, I’ve been in business longer than you have been alive.”

Ed Costelloe, chairman of Grassroots Conservatives, an activist group, said: “The proposed Brexit deal requires a first-class salesman. If it were a used car, I wouldn’t buy it.”

More than a dozen association leaders have now signed a letter to May echoing Johnson’s speech by declaring: “It is not too late to save Brexit.” It warns that May’s proposed deal is “unacceptable” and failure to respect the referendum result “would be electoral suicide and could result in the party being out of power for decades”.

The signatories include Bob Perry, chairman of Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Association. He said: “My intention is not to embarrass the government or the prime minister but to express the feelings of the people who voted to leave the EU who feel completely betrayed by the Chequers agreement.”

Another signatory was Luke Senior, chairman of the Morley and Outwood Conservatives whose MP, Andrea Jenkyns, has called for a vote of no confidence in the prime minister.

Senior said: “If Theresa May wasn’t the prime minister we would welcome a leader with the courage to do what is right for the country.”

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