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Grassroots respond to Chequers plan

12 Jul 2018

After last Friday’s cabinet meeting and the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson, Grassroots Conservatives contacted our followers for their views. The replies to date are virtually unanimous in condemning the proposals as not in any way producing the sort of Brexit that the referendum result envisaged, nor which they had voted for.

Most accuse Theresa May of duplicity at least and the pro-Remain elite and Civil Service of deliberate and determined activity to prevent Brexit in any meaningful sense. As the Prime Minister is effectively our chief negotiator, David Davis never really had a chance. The present position with time being short ensures that last Friday’s proposals, with all the concessions which will be made, support Boris Johnson’s statement about colonial status being our national fate.

The only alternative is to leave on WTO terms with no agreement. It has been noted how the Treasury and the Prime Minister refused until the last minute to release meaningful funding for this eventuality.

All the respondents with business background are incredulous about our negotiating tactics to date. These seem amateurish and pathetic given that the EU needs us as much as we need them.

Grassroots Conservatives await Thursday’s White Paper with great interest. But will the anticipated detail help to dispel the almost universal view that this is not really Brexit but merely removes our seat at the EU table?

Ordinary party members and voters are in despair. Many lifelong supporters swearing to never vote conservative again. This groundswell of opinion is gathering pace across the country and poses a terrible electoral risk for many MPs.

A selection of quotes from our responses:-

Leaving on WTO terms is better than this fudge. 
…we thank you for asking our opinions.17.4 million winning Leave voters handed Theresa May the biggest political mandate in the history of UK politics.

Of the 650 UK constituencies; 422 voted Leave; 228 voted Remain.
To fail to do this comprehensively and completely as Mrs May is proposing will be nothing short of a coup d‘état by the Elite and that is what May and the Tory Remainers are now doing.I agree UK must conform to EU regulations for all those goods we wish to export into the EU - this is standard for any Trade Deal - but we should not agree to put our manufacturers into an ’EU regulations Rule Book‘ straight jacket’ for the UK exporting to non EU countries.

Every step of Mrs. May’s strategy (assuming she ever had one) has been catastrophic.  There is only one answer – keep talking until May 2019, agree nothing, pay nothing and revert to WTO rules.

In all the news coverage I’ve seen over the past week – a lot – no media people have ever gone and interviewed any normal people who voted to leave Europe….And the 17m aren’t allowed a voice or a party or an advocate – we’re just going be patronised, and ignored by our PM as she weakly and cowardly tries to cast around for any deals that Angela Merkel will help her with!

The current proposals fall completely short of what is acceptable to me.

I voted to leave the EU. Anything less will not do.

Nothing, but nothing, is more important than our Sovereignty. Democracy must prevail in UK.

The Prime Minister’s Chequers Brexit plan is unacceptable because:

 1.   It’s in breach of the Conservative manifesto.

 2.   It contradicts all of the pro-Brexit statements the Prime Minister has made since the 2016 referendum.

 3.   It betrays, and displays contempt for, the 17.4 million who, despite the government’s project fear and threat of a punishment budget, voted by a majority to leave the EU.

 4.   It’s incompatible with UK doing trade globally, since EU regs will apply to this.

 5.   It’s utopian - i.e. unachievable and unworkable - because the European Commission will never accept it, in particular in respect of free movement and mass migration.

 6.   It’s, therefore - by design - intended to encourage the EU to demand even more concessions - which the PM will certainly give them.

7.   The above tellingly reveals that the Prime Minister has systematically lied to the people of Britain since she took office. and has been working to a hidden, remain agenda.

 8.   It has prompted Nigel Farage to state that he will take over the leadership of UKIP once again - which would be disastrous for the Conservatives.

 9.   It has led to the Conservative party’s decline in the opinion polls and to Labour’s rise in these.

 10. It has heightened the public’s perception of PM May’s - and the Conservatives' - incompetence and duplicity in respect of Brexit.

 11. The manner with which the meeting was conducted was disgraceful: The PM’s advisors sought to belittle and demean ministers who support Leave...‘a mile long walk down the drive for those who won’t’.disgracefully reveals the undue influence on the PM and Brexit negotiations of unelected spin doctors.

The consequence of a May style Brexit would be a Tory Party in the political wasteland for generations

Theresa May’s plan is both unrealistic and a scandalous betrayal ofthe 17,410,742 people who voted Leave…she has shown herself consistently to be a very poor Leader, a bad judge of character, ability and political wind direction (2017 general election!); and a liar and bully to boot (though she leaves the actual thumb-screwing to her toadies).

A QC involved in Lawyers for Britain has torn May’s communique to pieces.

What do I think of it. Well, whatever it is, it isn’t Brexit by any stretch of the imagination. To take so long to get here? 

I believe Teresa May has been persuaded by the vociferous lobby for some exporters that a WTO solution for our trade with the EU will make life difficult for them.  She does not understand that they are in a small minority - about 12% only of our economy and that the deal she is proposing on goods will continue to harm the majority of our exporters, most of which, including my own Company, export exclusively to countries outside the EU. 

We have nothing to fear from a WTO trade outcome with the EU.  We trade under WTO for most of our trade outside the EU.  For instance, with the US.  The customs infrastructure is already in place and has been for donkeys’ years.  

The Conservative Party has secured my vote for almost 40 years.  I don’t think I’ll bother making that walk to the polling station again.  It appears now that voting is pointless.

If faced with a Corbyn government or no Brexit I think I would sadly vote for no Brexit.  What a dilemma!

I feel that the one way of ensuring that we do not become a colony of Europe is to remain and fight for reform from the inside. 

Give up and abandon Brexit for our children’s sake.

Barnier is our BEST bet.  Let us hope his arrogance works to our benefit.

(End of quotes from some of the 57 responses)

Chairman of Grassroots Conservatives Ed Costelloe said “Mrs May has a choice between a Remain that Brexiteers can live with, or the Brexit that the majority voted for in the Referendum. If she chooses the former she will lose the support of many core Conservative supporters, donors, members and canvassers at the grassroots and the trust of many others. It will become a party of the elite with little Grassroot support.”

Friday’s outcome solves nothing but has lit a fuse for an explosion to follow. Our country needs Churchillian action not Chamberlain appeasement at this critical time. 

Ed Costelloe

Chairman Grassroots Conservatives

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