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Melanie Phillips: The CofE is sowing the seeds of its own destruction

14 Nov 2017

‘A highly-regarded adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury has quit the inner counsels of the Church of England in protest against an “agenda of revisionism” that she says is promoting “an ongoing and rapid erosion of faithfulness”.  Lorna Ashworth resigned from the Archbishops’ Council and General Synod, saying: “We have a liberal agenda because the church is not anchored in the Gospel.”’

‘The immediate flashpoints are gender and gay issues… Ashworth’s protest, however, is a far deeper one about the church’s general embrace of secularism…  a direct attack on the bedrock principles of Christianity… remaking the world in the image of “me”.’ 

‘The church is…  suffering from a kind of spiritual auto-immune disease, attacking its own protective organisms while embracing those that will destroy it.  As with the church, moreover, so with the society at whose very core it lies.’

Melanie Phillips . The Times . November 14

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