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We are not orphans

3 Oct 2017

The Party Conference this year asked for submissions to address conference for 3 minutes.  Mary Douglas, a coounty councillor in Wiltshire, applied to speak on the topic of justice but her application was unsuccessful. This is what she would have said:

We are not orphans.  Our children are not orphans. Yet we behave as if we – and they – are. 

Every child is conceived by a man and a woman – their father and mother.  Every child needs their father and mother to raise them, care for them, nurture them, teach them.  Together.  Yet we abandon these children to a lifetime of pain, confusion and uncertainty.   Too many don’t even know who their father is.  Too many are torn between two households, two homes, two families, two different ways of doing things, two cultures.  Too many young people today struggle with debilitating mental health, crippling emotional health problems.   Where is the secure stable foundation they need and deserve?

I know, I have in my own extended family, broken family relationships.  I know that all of us in these situations do our best, we love, we care, we make it work somehow.  But we can do more than that.  As a government, as a Conservative government, we must do more than that. 

Statistics tell us, over and over again, that the best chance for staying together is to marry.  Public commitment is a strong glue.  Why do we shy away from saying that?  Do think that we are somehow unworthy of such a profound lifelong commitment?  Why do we resist public policy to encourage marriage – tax systems, education curriculum, social care policies.  We have the tools.  Do we have the guts?!?

We need - we deserve – we need to be – a government which has the courage to say that marriage matters, that care and commitment go together.

We need – we deserve – a church which has the courage to tell us that there is a God who loves us as a Father loves His child, as a mother loves her child, who gave His very life for us. 


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