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Invitation to sign Petition to Justine Greening on Gender Recognition

27 Jul 2017

Earlier this week, Minister for Women and Equalities Justine Greening, announced plans to “streamline and de-medicalise the process for changing gender…”

Essentially, her proposal appears to say that all that is required is to legally change one’s gender is

- for an individual to assert that he/she is a particular gender (supposedly there are now more than two),
- go through a simple administrative procedure.

As is expected she does not go into details, but her proposal appears to mean that biological men who identify as women must be allowed into women’s changing facilities, women’s shelters, women’s toilets and must be permitted to participate in women’s sports.

Any refusal by an institution or an individual to allow any of the above could potentially constitute an offence by discriminating against a trangendered person (a violation of the Equality Act 2010).

Please sign this petition to Justine Greening urging her not to implement these proposals.

Currently, in order to change gender, an individual has to provide evidence that he/she has been living as the opposite gender for two years, as well as be medically diagnosed with gender dysphoria – a condition where a person experiences distress due to a perceived mismatch between his/her gender identity, and their objective bodily sex.

This move is ostensibly to make society more “inclusive” according to Ms Greening and end a “demeaning and broken” system, according to LGBT campaign group Stonewall.

While there are a small number of people who are suffering greatly due to their feeling alienated from their own body in the way described, Ms Greening’s radical proposals will have serious consequences for all of us, and there is no evidence to show that her plan will actually help those with gender dysphoria.

If Ms Greening gets her way, it appears that all that is needed to change your gender is to self-identify as that gender and undergo a simple administrative procedure.

  1. Given the high degree of mental health conditions often associated with gender dysphoria, removing the requirement to have medical supervision when legally changing gender will do nothing to help such people.
  2. It will create legal chaos as the system being proposed is open to serious abuse. As mentioned, it would mean that biological men would be permitted into women’s sports and changing facilities, and thus women would be unfairly discriminated against.
  3. As many people/businesses refuse to comply with what amounts to a state imposed ideology, state coercion will inevitably ensue.

If you’re struggling to get your head around this, don’t worry, I am too. This topic is extremely confused and confusing.

Either way, the policy implications of what is being proposed are clear: not only does this proposal do nothing to help those suffering as a result of issues with their gender identity, but it amounts to a state enforced ideology of gender.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Jackson and the entire Team at CitizenGO

PS People with gender identity issues need help, and Justine Greening’s proposals do nothing to help them. They force the whole of society to endorse a harmful ideology which discriminates against women.

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