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Gender Reassignment - lunatic proposals: Letter to Justine Greening

26 Jul 2017

Grassroots conservatives was invited by BBC Today to give a response on behalf of to the government’s intention to consult on making it easier to legally change gender.  In so doing, we made two points: (1) that changing one’s gender is a massive step and should not be presented as merely an administrative matter; (2) that, if there is a mismatch between body and mind, then it is appropriate to ask which needs to change.  When invited by the interviewer to attribute motives to Justine Greening, the Education Secretary, our spokesperson declined, explaining that she did not know the Education Secretary’s motives and was keen to focus on the policy rather than the person presenting it.

It is a sad reflection on public debate that these points should be considered controversial and, from some quarters, the response be one of condemnation.  If the public consultation opens in September, these are some of the issues to which the government will need to give careful consideration, and a range of people have expressed their gratitude to Grassroots Conservatives that these concerns are now being openly discussed.  

We publish below a letter sent to Justine Greening with a copy to the Prime Minister from a retired barrister that has also been sent to us. It reflects the views of many other communications we have received through the Grassroots Conservatives Website.

The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP

Houses of Parliament


Dear Minister,

Ofsted and Toxic teaching on Gender Fluidity

I now know why I have not received any response to my letter of two weeks ago and why I will not be receiving any, and why, if perchance there were a reply, it would be totally unsatisfactory. I did not know you were gay. That in itself is fine – I wish you the best in that respect. But what is now clear in the light of your most recent proposals is that you feel you have to support the LGBT community (I hope I have got the initials right) in any way you can and, as a result, you have lost touch with common sense and are proposing nonsense on the question of gender fluidity.

You have to start from this simple truth: don’t deny it: don’t hide from it. Someone who wants to reject their gender (male or female) has a mental problem. It used to be called, accurately if somewhat unsympathetically, ‘gender identity disorder’. It hasn’t ceased to be a ‘disorder’ by being given a different name (it appears that even ‘gender dysphoria’ is now, or is about to be declared, too harsh a term).  That does not mean the person is mentally disabled, mentally defective, mentally unstable, or anything of the sort. We all have mental problems of one sort or another, whether perhaps we are afraid of cats, or claustrophobic to the point of not being able to use tube trains (like a relative of mine) or we clam up in exams or other stressful situations, or whatever. A mental problem can often yield to proper treatment, whether counselling or pastoral care or, if appropriate, medical care. Up to 80% of people apparently rejecting their gender will in time come to accept it. If that just does not happen, then the hugely fundamental process of gender transition (massive drug intake followed by radical surgery) can produce a sufficient imitation of male or female to warrant a legal change of gender.

But under your lunatic proposals we have people changing to and fro on a whim and in the twinkling of an eye -- confusing for both them and those who have to do with them. Schizophrenic isn’t the word!

Most pernicious of all, if – and Ofsted appear to be doing this already-- you try to extend this teaching to schools, effectively telling children that it is a simple matter to change gender if they feel that way inclined, you  will be confusing and worrying them to the point of instability. In other words you will be guilty of clear child abuse, simply in the name of your LGBT ideas of political correctness.

There is more than a whiff of Orwellian brainwashing in this – using your position to push your daft ideas into children’s heads. Dictators do this. So does Isil.

I can tell you that if you continue with this wretched project, I, like, I am sure, many others in my position, will most definitely end a lifetime of voting Conservative.

I can also tell you that whatever may be the outcome of s.34 of your Children and Social Care Act, and whether the opt-out clauses are satisfactory or not, there is no way I am going to have my little daughter instructed in  relationships in tune with your outrageous proposals.

I am sending a copy of this letter to the Prime Minister, so that, if she can spare time from her many pressing tasks, she will learn how the sexual bias of her education minister bids fair to substantially damage our children.

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