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Islam needs to be reformed: Melanie Phillips

6 Jun 2017

Writing in The London Times on June 6, Melanie Phillips argues that terror will continue until Islam is reformed and that the ancient faith that inspired the London Bridge killings must face up to its responsibilities

These attackers are not “evil losers”, “sick cowards”, nihilists, psychiatric cases or lone wolves, she writes.  “They are devout and ecstatic Muslim fanatics who are waging a war of religion against us.”

Mrs May said this was a “perversion of Islam”. But, Phillips writes: “it is solidly rooted in religious texts and theological doctrine validated and endorsed by the world’s most powerful Islamic authorities.” The communities secretary Sajid Javid has also said the perpetrators were not “true Muslims” and that it was right to say the attacks were “nothing to do with Islam”.

Phillips argues that “The West views Islam through its own cultural prism, which equates religion with spirituality. The problem is that Islam is as much a political ideology as a source of spiritual guidance.”

She quotes Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi, a Shia cleric in Australia who campaigns against Sunni extremism, who has said: “The scriptures are exactly what is pushing these people to behead the infidel. Our books teach the beheading of people.”

Of course, millions of Muslims don’t subscribe to any of this. Some are merely cultural Muslims who observe no religious practices. Some, such as the Sufis or the Ahmadiyya sect, are pious Muslims who are truly peaceful (and are themselves victims of the Islamists).

Jihadist terrorists don’t want to divide us - they want to kill us

But political, aggressive, jihadist Islam, constrained for so long by both the Ottoman empire and western colonialism, is now dominant once again in the Muslim world. Which is why in 2015 Egypt’s President Sisi remarkably told the imams of Al-Azhar university in Cairo — the epicentre of Islamic doctrinal edicts — that Islam’s corpus of sacred texts was “antagonising the entire world”, that it was “impossible” for 1.6 billion Muslims to “want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants”, and so Islam had to have a “religious revolution”.

Phillips argues that: “We should be promoting and defending such Muslim reformers in the desperate hope that they succeed. Instead we knock the ground from under their feet by saying Islamist attacks have nothing to do with Islam. Until and unless Islam is reformed, we need to treat its practices on a scale ranging from extreme caution to outlawing some of them altogether.

Mrs May said we need to make people understand that our “pluralistic British values” were “superior to anything offered by the preachers and supporters of hatred”.

The problem is, though, that Islamists believe their values represent the literal word of God. So to them, no other values can possibly be superior. As a result, you can no more deradicalise them than you could have deradicalised the priests of the Inquisition.

We must require Muslims to take responsibility for the actions of all in their community. An ICM poll of British Muslims two years ago found that nearly a quarter wanted Sharia to replace British law in areas with large Muslim populations.

Four per cent — equivalent to more than 100,000 British Muslims — said they were sympathetic to suicide bombers fighting “injustice”.

Phillips concludes that we must see jihadist Islam as at the extreme end of a continuum of beliefs which are themselves incompatible with British society.

Therefore stopping people coming back to Britain from Syria or Libya, or detaining terrorist suspects through control orders is not enough.

She argues that we should be

1.    Closing down radical mosques,

2.    Deporting those born in other countries who are involved in extremism,

3.    Stopping foreign funding for Muslim institutions and banning the Muslim Brotherhood.”

4.    Outlawing  Sharia courts because, since Sharia does not accept the superior authority of secular legislation, it inescapably undermines the core British value of one law for all.

British Muslims are welcome citizens but on the same basis as everyone else: that they subscribe to the binding nature of foundational British laws and values. If not, they will be treated as subversives.

…….There will be inevitable claims that judge-made human rights law, which has often protected the “rights” of extremists rather than their victims, cannot be set aside without “destroying British values”. Jihadist terrorists, however, are not trying to divide us, destroy our values or stop the general election. They are trying to kill us and conquer us.

Phillips ends by saying: :”If it is to defend itself, a liberal society may need to adopt illiberal measures. If we don’t do so now, we’ll be forced to eventually. The only question is how many will have to die before that happens.”

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