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Next UK Government urged to recognise rights of conscience

8 May 2017

Barnabas Fund has issued a “Manifesto for Persecuted Christians” which while focusing on the genocide occuring in the Middle East, also calls on the next UK Government to  

"recognise the increasing pressure on Christians in the public sector and public life to affirm beliefs contrary to historic Biblical Christianity.In particular, the next UK government should: i) pass a law stating that no one holding or standing for public office should be required to hold particular (religious or non-religious) beliefs or face discrimination because they do not hold particular beliefs; ii) publicly celebrate the world-leading role the UK has played over the last 500 years in the development of freedom of religion and belief around the world, including the removal of any requirements on those holding public office to subscribe to particular beliefs.

Manifesto for Persecuted Christians

May 8, 2017

Barnabas Fund is calling on all political parties to make specific commitments to help persecuted Christians in their election manifestos. The manifesto, which is endorsed by both church leaders and peers from across the political spectrum, calls for specific actions by the next government to tackle genocide in the Middle East.

It warns that without specific urgent actions there is a very real danger that that entire Christian communities will have ceased to exist in large parts of the Middle East by the time of the next UK general election in 2022. A pre-release copy of the manifesto, which contains seven specific recommendations to the next UK government, was sent to all political parties a week ago to give them opportunity to respond before their election manifestos are published. In the 2015 UK general election five parties included manifesto commitments related to religious persecution, with two specifically mentioning Christians.

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