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Election vital to smooth Brexit transition

20 Apr 2017

Grassroots conservatives welcomes the Prime Minister’s announcement of a general election on June 8th. Her style of conservatism is rooted in the outlook of the ordinary people of this country and not of the metropolitan elite. So it is important that she seeks a fresh mandate to distinguish her government from that of her predecessor to avoid any confusion.

Her government must negotiate the best Brexit terms possible. Her present small majority raises practical difficulties. Labour is collapsing into a black (or red ) hole and wholly unpredictable. The Lib-Dem party is trying to reverse the referendum result and wants Brexit terms which mean we would effectively still be in the EU. In particular, Westminster SNP members care nothing for the majority of the UK and its democracy. They wish to wreck anything a Conservative government wishes to do, and accept as though it were a right, the massive taxpayer subsidy the rest of us pay to Scotland.

With difficult negotiations starting with Europe, a clear 5 year term with a good working majority is vital so that the nation’s energies concentrate on the future opportunities and do not get bogged down with petty party politics. It would be tragic if in two years time an election were to derail our future course. What we face is in some ways as challenging as anything in our past.

We have a strong leader, a united party, an ostrich like opposition, a real lead in the opinion polls and the best possible opportunity to shape our future indelibly.

I appeal to all our followers and supporters to work tirelessly to ensure the election of Conservative MP’s on June 8th. Seldom has the future of the United Kingdom been so important at an election. Whether you were Remain or Leave the die is cast. We must be totally united in the fight for our future and the British way of life. Support Theresa May to get the job done.

Edmund Costelloe
Chairman Grassroots Conservatives

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