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14 Jul 2016


FOLLOWING the unexpected events of Monday, Theresa May became the new Prime Minister on Wednesday.

Mrs Leadsom announced at 12.15 on Monday that she was withdrawing from the Conservative Party leadership race. That left Home Secretary Mrs May as the only, unopposed candidate. David Cameron said he would see the Queen on Wednesday to formally resign, allowing the Home Secretary to succeed him as party leader and Prime Minister.

This week Grassroots Conservatives said they respected the ‘honourable decision’ by Andrea Leadsom to withdraw from the Conservative Party Leadership contest, although she was their preferred candidate.

“It is more than possible that had she stayed the course she may well have won and ordinary members have consequently been denied a voice. Her reasons for withdrawing given in her statesmanlike letter of withdrawal mention the significant support Theresa May enjoys amongst MPs but the activities of some of the media and those who threatened to leave the parliamentary party must have played a major part in her decision,” they said in a statement.

They called on Mrs May, a keen churchgoer, to lead a government of party and national unity in the difficult and challenging tasks ahead.

Church of England Newspaper 14 July 2016

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