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Statement on resignation of Chairman of Grassroots Conservatives

14 Mar 2015

Grassroots Conservatives regret the resignation Robert Woollard  as chairman w.e.f 1st March 2015. He  is also standing down from the management committee.  He was a founding member of Grassroots Conservatives and has worked tirelessly to bring true conservative values back to the party and its supporters.

The views of the majority of MPs and party members on such matters as same sex marriage and safeguarding conscience clauses, defence cuts whilst the overseas aid budget is ring fenced, recognition of traditional marriage in the tax system and the position of stay at home mothers, uncontrolled immigration from the EU, tyrannical Ofsted inspections of Christian and Jewish schools, relaxation of planning guidelines in the countryside, HS2, and fracking have been ignored by the party leadership and CCHQ.

Grassroot party members and associations were mocked by insulting comments from those who should be ashamed of themselves. This inspired Robert to provide a forum for those loyal conservatives denied a voice and censored by the Party machine.

The last two years have been a challenge with constant media exposure and attacks from senior party figures. But hundreds of e-mails from true conservative supporters and members have borne witness to the value of the work he has done in bringing issues to prominence and to assist in persuading angered and despairing conservatives not to abandon the party.

The management committee are immensely grateful for his inspiring work and wish him well for the future. They also hope that he will continue to work with them in the cause of promoting true conservative values.

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