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9 Mar 2015

For Immediate Release:

Grassroots conservatives have released a discussion paper on British values, following the Birmingham trojan horse extremism affair, and a new Ofsted inspection regime.  ‘A major cultural divide has emerged between vocal secular liberals and the silent, and somewhat intimidated, majority,’ says the Grassroots movement. ‘People are now afraid to even express deeply held beliefs which were mainstream just a number of years ago.  A national debate on British values is long overdue and it is our hope that this paper will both encourage and contribute to such a debate.’

‘Build on the past for the benefit of the future’ urges the paper, and traces the development of British values over our nation’s history. These are the real British values, it claims, not those imposed by governments, citing the equalities agenda as artificial and counter-productive.  It is not up to politicians to create values but they do need to nurture respect for existing values.

“Freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, tolerance and peaceful dissent are true British values, alongside respect for the rule of law and politeness. They are our best defence against extremism of any kind,” says Gc’s Geoffrey Vero.

“Our British sense of humour, the ability to laugh at ourselves, is key to true tolerance and serves as an antidote to those who seek to impose their particular agenda.”

The need for shared beliefs which underpin a nation’s values is a key theme of the paper, which concludes that ‘British values are indisputable deeply rooted in our history and our Judaeo-Christian heritage’.

‘Values belong to the whole nation,’ says Mr Vero.  ‘Let’s have a national debate’.

The full paper can be downloaded here: grassroots_british_values_march.pdf (0.3Mb)

For media inquiries, please contact Mary Douglas of Grassroots conservatives on 07527 547585.  The British Values paper can be found on

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