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RC Bishops urge 4million followers to choose political candidates who back marri

24 Feb 2015

Roman Catholic bishops will today urge 4million worshippers to vote for political candidates who promote marriage.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols will say that stable families and help for the frail and elderly are key planks in advice about the general election for the church’s five million British followers.

The Right Reverend Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury, said yesterday: ‘No-one expects bishops to offer a political programme at election time but to highlight the moral questions which underpin the public debate.

It contrasts with the widely-criticised manifesto by Anglican bishops last week which made no mention of marriage.

Instead the Church of England said families could best by helped by outside organisations like housing associations or credit unions.

Nor did the CofE bishops choose to remind voters of the difficulties of elderly people needing care nor the scourges of drugs and pornography. 

The Church of England election letter was the first attempt to sway voters by the Anglican bishops and was widely criticised for its focus on inequality and the alleged evils of the market economy, consumerism and the legacy of Margaret Thatcher.

Roman Catholic bishops, however, have regularly given advice to churchgoers on the central issues they should consider in advance of each general election.

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