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‘Rescue Targeted Iraqi Christians’ Gc chairman urges PM

11 Aug 2014

The Rt Hon David Cameron, P.C., M.P.                                           August 1 2014

Dear Prime Minister

I have recently written to all the Conservative Members of Parliament urging that it is time to wake up to the fact that the freedoms which Christianity brought to the western world are being extinguished in Iraq and in other parts of the middle east. We cannot stand by and do nothing and as a first step we should immediately cease overseas aid to any of these countries. 

I have urged your MPs to press the Government to protest in the strongest possible fashion to the Arab League, the United Nations and the Government of Iraq about this situation.  If you do nothing, then people in the United Kingdom, especially in service families would ask “What has the expenditure of blood and resources by our forces in Afghanistan and Iraq this century been for if not to forestall such a situation? To do nothing now is to undo all that previous effort.”

I note that France has offered asylum to these Christians being expelled from Mosul and elsewhere.  We should follow suit immediately. Lord Alton has raised the matter in debate in the Lords on July 24 and is working with Congressman Frank Wolf who has spoken in congress on the matter six times seeking to get the Obama administration to respond. We have received reports through Church sources in the middle east of the most gruesome nature imaginable regarding the treatment of Christians in Northern Iraq which are being verified. If true the government of IRAQ bears a heavy responsibility for failing to protect it’s own citizens.

While we welcome your comments on Britain being a Christian country which is an historic fact , our responsibility to love our neighbour as ourselves needs to be evidenced in our response to this outrageous genocide being targeted at fellow Christians in Iraq and elsewhere in the middle east. The Bible also says that Faith without works is dead. We need to use all means possible to come to the rescue of these people as a matter of extreme urgency. 

Yours sincerely.

Robert Woollard

Chairman, Grassroots Conservatives 

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