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Grassroots Conservatives call for government action over Christian genocide

11 Aug 2014

Grassroots Conservatives call for government action over Christian genocide in Middle East

  • Britain needs to wake up to Christian genocide, say leading local Tories
  • Letter to PM calls for action in the Middle East to rescue Christians
  • UK government should impose sanctions on countries such as Iraq

Christians in the Middle East are being subjected to an “outrageous genocide” and the UK government should step in to help, says a group of prominent Tory activists.

Grassroots Conservatives have written to Prime Minister David Cameron, demanding he stops sending overseas aid to any countries in the Middle East that deny Christian freedoms.

“It is time to wake up to the fact that the freedoms which Christianity brought to the western world are being extinguished in Iraq and in other parts of the middle east,” the letter says.

“We cannot stand by and do nothing and as a first step we should immediately cease overseas aid to any of these countries. 

“If you do nothing, then people in the United Kingdom, especially in service families would ask ‘What has the expenditure of blood and resources by our forces in Afghanistan and Iraq this century been for if not to forestall such a situation? To do nothing is to undo all that previous effort.”

Christians expelled from Middle Eastern cities such as Mosul have been offered asylum in France. Grassroots Conservatives want the UK Government to do the same.

“While we welcome your comments on Britain being a Christian country which is an historic fact , our responsibility to love our neighbour as ourselves needs to be evidenced in our response to this outrageous genocide being targeted at fellow Christians in Iraq and elsewhere in the middle east.”

The letter concludes: “We need to use all means possible to come to the rescue of these people as a matter of extreme urgency.”

Following the news overnight of further atrocities, and President Obama’s speech, Mr Woollard added:

“We should support France’s motion at the UN and join with France in offering political asylum to the Iraqi Christians. A once flourishing Christian population of around 1.5 million has fallen to just 150,000, while there is not a week that goes without the murder and harassment of Coptic Christians in Egypt.

“We should put pressure on Iraq and the Arab League to end this ethnic cleansing of eastern Christians and stop funding those regime which turn a blind eye to these barbarous actions.

“And we should join the USA in humanitarian relief and defensive operations which secure the lives and freedom of the Christians and other religious minorities in northern Iraq."


Notes to editors:

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