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Membership slumps in key Tory seats

17 Jun 2014

Membership in Tory marginal seats continues to plummet with local parties complaining of “hard work with no political reward”, according to figures from the Electoral Commission.

Marginal constituencies lost an average of 8.6 per cent of their membership and 21 per cent of their income between the end of 2012 and the end of 2013.

This tallies with a bleak national picture. Last year the Tory party revealed it now had 134,000 constituency members, down from the 253,600 who voted in the leadership poll that David Cameron won.

Local parties in the 70 most marginal seats generated £527,000, down from £617,000, and — among the individual parties that reported membership figures — lost 288 of their 3,338 members. This loss will be dwarfed by the £30 million election war chest that the prime minister has ordered his party to raise.

Comments from local parties suggest that the equal marriage bill continued to damage Mr Cameron last year.

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