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Conservative Grassroots Director speaks on Immigration on Radio 5 live

31 Jan 2014

James Joshua participated in a Radio 5 debate at 1pm on Thursday, 20 January with a representative of Migrant Rights. His main premise was that politicians should not enact Immigration laws as they will leave it in a mess and pander to their prejudices and labeled those in Westminster attempting to move amendments to the Immigration Bill as doing nasty backroom dealings. His premise was the Immigration matters should be left to judges.

It is here on BBC I-Player on Radio 5 - 75 minutes in
Mr Joshua countered by saying that:

  • Judges are not there to make law. Parliament was elected to make laws and give effect to legal rules.
  • The nature of politics is to govern and make rules.
  • That we wrote to the PM that very morning on this very pertinent matter of Immigration which called on him to end continuous uncontrolled mass immigration.
  • That our immigration system is in a mess and is broken and needs to be redesigned, rebalanced and rebuilt on the basis of a needs and skills based system.
  • That we called on the Government to put in place tightly selective and annually-limited value-added, skills based and wealth-creation immigration system – like the well-regarded and very tight Australian needs and points based immigration system.
  • That we need to fix the system and sort out intra-European and outside-Europe migration – and change the premise of the unfettered, unconditional of free movement of peoples to rebuild public trust and support for our immigration system and policies.

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