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Eastleigh defeat raises Conservative Grassroots concerns

1 Mar 2013

The defeat of Maria Hutchings in Eastleigh has caused concern and consternation in the Conservative Party as to its ability to win the next general election.

Conservative Grassroots has expressed concern that the message from the grassroots isn’t getting through to the leadership.

Chairman of Conservative Grassroots Bob Woollard said:

“Maria was a true grassroots candidate who declared that she was opposed to the Same Sex Marriage Bill. However voters tend to pay more attention to the direction of the national party and the current direction is clearly not one that connects with Conservative voters. The Conservative Party urgently needs to return to core Conservative values if we are to stand any chance of winning an outright majority in 2015.”

Director of Conservative Grassroots Ben Harris-Quinney said:

“The result for Maria as a candidate is far from terrible, but from a Party perspective the considerable 28% of the vote being polled by UKIP sets a worrying tone for all future elections. All UKIP voters are not necessarily disaffected former Tories, but these are voters the Conservative Party should be appealing to. If we had done enough to appeal to them as a national Party, Eastleigh would have been a Conservative victory. The leadership of the Conservative Party has singularly failed to address the real concerns of voters and the rise of UKIP, and the Party has continued to haemorrhage voters over issues like same sex marriage. If the Party leadership continues to neglect grassroots conservatives, then victory in 2015 will be impossible.”

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