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Launch of Conservative Grassroots website

3 Feb 2013

‘Conservative Grassroots’ is a new, informal network of local Conservatives from across the UK who are eager to see core Conservative values flourish in the Party and in the nation.

As long-standing members of the Party we have worked hard over many elections to see the Conservative Party win at the ballot box and we want to see the Party win again in the future.

However, in recent months, along with many faithful, local Conservatives, we have become increasingly concerned at the policy direction of the Party and the apparent rejection of cherished Conservative principles.

We are particularly disappointed at the manner in which the leadership is seeking to push through the redefinition of marriage, squeezing out the debate, scrutiny and accountability that Conservatives so value. Yet we fear that this experience is symptomatic of a wider problem - of a leadership that is out of touch with its grassroots.

Through this network, we hope to build relationships and to provide resources to encourage a return to the clear, confident Conservative principles that will build a better Britain.

Will you join us? Contact us here to find out more or sign up here to receive updates.

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