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A selection of national and international media coverage featuring Conservative Grassroots (our previous trading name)

Conservative Grassroots tell Cameron he must spell out EU reform plan to defeat UKIP Daily Telegraph May 30


When two Oxford churches sought permission to hold their traditional Lenten Passion Play, licensing officials at Oxford City Councils leapt to rather the wrong conclusions (with comment from Grassroots Conservatives) Daily Mail April 17

Most voters want Farage in Leaders' Debate Sky News, April 12

Tory Grassroots demand tougher immigration restrictions Huffington Post January 25

David Cameron overrules Environment Secretary Owen Paterson to order urgent dredging in Somerset to combat the flooding
Report in the Independent, February 5

Timothy Yeo’s deselection: Is this the start of a Tory Spring?
Report in the Telegraph, February 5

All the political parties need to widen their appeal
Report in the Telegraph, February 4

Nurture the grassroots or pay a heavy price at polls: Tory party barely has a presence in seats it hopes to win says SIMON HEFFER
Daily Mail, February 4

Tim Yeo sacked by local party despite backing of David Cameron and George Osborne
Report in the Telegraph, February 3

Britain CAN still stop impending ‘wave of immigration’, Tory activists claim
Report in Daily Express, December 30

Don’t lift border controls Grassroots Tories beg Cameron.  Activists say PM risks social unrest if he does not tear up plans
Report in Daily Mail, December 30

It’s a spectacular own goal for the party
Voice of Russia, 3rd June 2013

David Cameron under renewed pressure from Tory grassroots over gay marriage
Evening Standard, 2nd June 2013

Gay marriage betrays family values, Tories warn David Cameron
Telegraph, 1st June 2013

Hunting the home counties for Conservatives’ ‘swivel-eyed loons’
Spectator, 25th May 2013

Britain’s David Cameron faces conservative backlash
Washington Post, 22nd May 2013

Same-sex marriage the ‘tipping point’ for grassroot Conservatives
Financial Times, 21st May 2013

David Cameron’s Tory Grassroots Outreach ‘Too Little, Too Late’
Huffington Post, 21st May 2013

Tory efforts to delay gay marriage plans defeated with help of Labour
Irish Times, 21st May 2013

The Tory grassroots were feeling neglected long before ‘swivel-eyed loons’ claims
The Spectator, 21st May 2013

Gay Marriage: Grassroots Tories attack Cameron
The Scotsman, 20th May 2013

Cllr Mary Douglas: The Tories left bewildered by Bill on gay marriage
ITV News, 20th May 2013

Meltdown on gay marriage
Daily Mail, 20th May 2013

Crisis of conservatism is destroying party, say grassroots Tories
BBC News, 19th May 2013

The Lesson from Eastleigh is simple: the Conservative leadership has lost control of the party
Independent, 20th February 2013

Tory members leave over gay marriage
Bucks Free Press, 15th February 2013

Conservative party rolls over same-sex marriage
Virtueonline, 15th February 2013

Cameron humbled by gay marriage vote rebellion: More Tory MPs vote against Cameron than for him as PM’s bill gets through thanks to Labour and Lib Dems
Daily Mail, 6th February 2013

Cameron has sown needless discord. With the vote on gay marriage, the Prime Minister bounced his party into a reform for which there was no popular pressure
Daily Telegraph, 5th February 2013

Gay marriage: MPs back bill despite Conservative backbench opposition
BBC, 5th February 2013

Gay marriage: ban on same sex church weddings ‘may not be legally watertight’. The Church of England may not be safe from court challenges forcing it to conduct gay marriage as there is “no unanimous” legal opinion on the issue, a research briefing for MPs says.
Daily Telegraph, 5th February 2013

‘Secretly gay MPs are planning to vote against same-sex weddings... and two of them are married’: Extraordinary claim from top Conservative pundit
Daily Mail 4th February, 2013

Only one voter in 14 says gay marriage is a priority issue that would be important in deciding next election
Daily Mail, 4th February 2013

Tory MP gets ‘death threats’ over gay marriage opposition
Daily Telegraph, 4th February 2013

New Archbishop of Canterbury stands firm in opposition to gay marriage on eve of crunch vote which threatens to split Tories
Daily Mail 4th February 2013  

High-ranking Conservatives back gay marriage amid Cabinet split
Daily Telegraph, 4th February 2013

Gove ‘worried that Europe could quash gay marriage’
The Times, 4th February 2013

Conservative party ripped apart by gay marriage vote
Sunday Telegraph, 3nd February 2013

Gay marriage: grassroots Conservatives urge David Cameron to delay bill. Letter signed by 22 current and former chairman of local Tory groups asks PM to reconsider or delay plan until 2015
Guardian, 3rd February 2013

Gay marriage: Tory rebellion gathers pace. David Cameron warned by Conservatives that gay marriage proposals will cause ‘significant damage’ at ballot box
Guardian, 3rd February 2013

Grassroots Tories ‘betrayed’ by David Cameron over same-sex marriage. Senior local Conservatives have accused Prime Minister David Cameron of “betraying” the grassroots of their party, as they deliver a last-ditch attempt to delay the vote on same-sex marriage.
Sunday Telegraph, 3rd February 2013

Why failing to stand up for marriage is the reason Tories are always in crisis
Mail on Sunday, 3rd February 2013

Gay Marriage: Tory chairmen call for delay on vote 
BBC, 3rd February 2013

Tory Party suffers backlash on plans to legalise gay marriage as members resign in mass protest
Daily Mail, 2nd February 2013

Married couples will have to wait for tax break, Tories decide
Daily Telegraph, 2nd February 2013

Tories desert party in mass revolt over gay marriage
The Times, 2nd February 2013

Gay marriage could cost Conservatives power, poll suggests. Divisions over gay marriage could cost the Conservatives enough votes to force them out of power at the next election, a new poll suggests.
Daily Telegraph, 1st February 2013

Daily Telegraph, 1st February 2013

Croydon Conservative members leaving party over gay marriage plans
This is Croydon Toady, 31st January 2013 

Top Right wing traditionalist Tories ‘to back gay marriage’ despite anger among party’s grassroots
Daily Mail, 30th January 2013

‘He just won’t be told’: Even David Cameron’s mother isn’t convinced by his gay marriage proposals 
Daily Mail, 26th January

Registrars could be sued if they defy gay marriage law with teachers and hospital chaplains also facing claims 
Daily Mail, 25th January

Conservative grassroots rail against gay marriage. David Cameron’s plans to legalise same-sex marriage have enraged Conservative grassroots supporters, with many members already quitting the party over the controversial policy.
Daily Telegraph, 15th December 2012

Tory members leave over gay marriage
Bucks Free Press , 15th February 2013

We need our maverick MPs, says Zac Goldsmith
Evening Standard, 19th February 2013