What we stand for

What we stand for, who we speak for, what we focus on...

What we stand for:

  • To transform the country for the better
  • Conservative values of stable family, sound economy and strong defence
  • Social justice with compassion and support for the vulnerable
  • The Christian and Enlightenment foundations of our society that inform British values
  • Education which addresses character and values

Who we speak for:

  • Grassroots conservatives who perceive that their voice in the Conservative Party is not heeded;
  • ‘ Shy Tories ‘
  • Disaffected Conservatives

What we focus on:

  • Combatting both Islamic extremism and aggressive secularism
  • Conscience clauses in human rights revision to address the new intolerance
  • A proper role for Conservative Associations
  • Any current political issue where we feel the Government should hear a different or a nuanced conservative viewpoint.