1. I abhor the cuts to the navy, army and air force.  As an Island nation we have to be prepared at all times to defend our heritage with proper management and up to date trained servicemen and equipment.

2. Christian teaching, Christian ethics, manners and the 3R’s should form the base and be the basic needs of our education system.

3. Special tax, benefits and support for a traditionally married couple.

4. As an Island nation surrounded by water we should be harvesting the power of the sea which is constant and not the wind which blows frivolously and needs constant back up. We should also be harvesting the fruits of the sea. For our fishermen to be dictated to by quotas is a stupid act and certainly not abided by other EU nations.

5. With so much of our food imported, and so many people in the world dying of hunger. To pay farmers to allow them to claim ‘set aside’ is the daftest agricultural policy in the past two centuries.

Della Jones District Councillor Blandford Forum Dorset.