Leaving the EU and retuning all decision making to our Parliament is fundamental and impinges on many other ares of concern;  immigration, welfare, prisoners voting, Gay Marriage unintended consequences

Alan Chapman, Bingley West Yorkshire.

The EU referendum:  The British people have an absolute right to decide FOR THEMSELVES exactly who makes the laws and regulations that govern their lives and control the borders. They have never been asked. It’s time. 

Overseas aid:  Lavish foreign aid that does nothing to prevent problems recurring. Instead, it promotes dependence on Europe to feed, fund, prop up incompetent and corrupt regimes. It also makes us the destination of choice for Third World dropouts.

Tim Williamson Rustington

The pledge to increase IHT to a minimum 1M should be reintroduced.  This unfair double taxation only encourages senior citizens to stop saving or to taking avoiding actions.

Jeremy Knapp, Sudbury Suffolk