Spare Room Tax should not have been retrospective. We have 10-15% churn anyhow and more debt is being self created. Target new tenants.

Instead of over 300 power stations and masses of wiring we need 30 large ones of mixed fuel source. What we have is a mess, not a policy.

RE:-HS2 you can get to London in under 2hrs if you want, just build and send more coaches the same way rather than dig up half the country side

Councillor Mike Jordan, Sherburn-in-Elmet, Leeds

I agree with your policies on most issues, and identify wholeheartedly with the ethical foundations of the group. Though I am not a member of the Conservative Party, I have voted Conservative all my life. My problem is that I feel totally alienated from the party leadership. Indeed, in considering my voting intentions for the 2015 election I find myself in a deep quandry. I could not, with a clear conscience, vote for any other party, and we have an excellent Conservative Constituency MP. But I cannot bring myself to support in any way a PM and Cabinet who continue to disregard the views of their own grassroots party members and, on occasion, even the views of of their own parliamentary party - and who seem to regard parliamentary debate and scrutiny of proposed legislation as a tiresome formality.

Paul Toseland, Scarborough

For some 20 years I was member of the Conservative Political Forum  but I will not vote for a party whose leader defiled marriage  by deviously pushing through legislation to allow same sex marriage.

John Clements, Northwood