For me the only party that have looked after the workingman /woman is the Conservative Party with tax cuts, and the right-to-buy a council home. That is the only way I could own my own home.

I work in a low paid job as a security officer having to work 60 hours a week to get a good wage. Well I did until 15th September this year when I lost my job. But I know with the improving economy it won’t be long until I get another. Well I hope so at 61 years old.

I do have one or two moans about the party. Most of our MPs need to get out in to the real world and see what it is like for working people on low wages. We need to get rid of the top hats and toffs image. I don’t want to even think about what it would be like if the reds won the next election. What a mess they would make of running the country. You only have to look at the history of Labour Governments.

David Gater, Party Member, Wellingborough and Rushden

If I was paid a £1 on every occasion I was asked “Why are you a Conservative?”  I would be a wealthy person. 

I am a Conservative because of:  my life experiences, religious beliefs and family and traditional values.  My upbringing, professional career and life experience have all taught me the importance of encouraging and supporting all people to achieve their full potential and to make their contribution to society regardless of their background. My Christian and typically Welsh upbringing has taught me to respect, support, encourage and contribute to society.  My mother’s motto was “if you can’t do anyone any good then do not do them any harm”.  I believe that the family is the foundation on which our society is built.  The Conservative Party’s ‘Big Society’ encapsulates my beliefs.  

In recent years the Conservative Party has achieved much both in education and welfare reform.  Welfare reform is finally recognising and tackling issues that are important in terms of fairness to all and also in encouraging self respect, dignity and self esteem.   

I had the great privilege of being the Association Chairman for the Clacton Conservative Constituency from 2011 - 2014.  The role was challenging with many hurdles to overcome, one of the greatest being the retention and growth of our membership to the Conservative Party:  there is huge concern amongst the membership and voters that the  Government is aloof, disconnected and unwilling to listen let alone respond positively to their views.  At a time of great uncertainty we won three out of the four County Council seats last year as well as winning all three District Council by elections.  This success is testament that our constituents continue to value the progress the Conservative Party has achieved so far, and their belief that the Conservative Party is the Party they trust most to run the Government and their local councils. 

The formation of Grassroots Conservatives has made a huge difference to me personally because it is based on the Conservative Party’s traditional core values. Its commitment, loyalty and dedication to the Conservative Party is truly impressive. Its ability to engage, listen, understand and promulgate the views of thousands of grassroot supporters is invaluable if the Party is to win an outright majority in the general election next year.  After all, it is our vote that decides who will govern the UK next year

Mrs Delyth Miles, Chairman Clacton Conservative Association, 2011-2014

We have spent  more than a year dealing with CCHQ over our decision not to re-adopt our local MP and our choice of who should become our Parliamentary Candidate at the 2015 General  Election. Throughout this time the Officers were treated abysmally and I came to the sad conclusion that CCHQ consider local Associations and their membership to be an irritating irrelevance rather than the bedrock of the Conservative Party.  They ignore their own Rules when it suits them and appear to disregard the vital importance of the power of the personal touch and I quote Simon Heffer who said ‘I have yet to find a computer which can take an old lady to the polling station.

Peter Steveney, former Chairman Thirsk & Malton Conservatives