Core Values

a voice for grassroots conservative values (People and Principles)

GRASSROOTS conservatives

A network of local Conservatives across the UK who have come together to reclaim the heart of the Conservative Party.

We aim to reconnect the Conservative Party with its roots so that it may better serve our country.

We are mindful that inscribed into the stone floor of the central lobby of the Houses of Parliament are the words from Psalm 127 written in Latin, ‘Unless the Lord builds the house its builders labour in vain.’

Our Core Values

Foundational Judaeo-Christian heritage at the centre of society


Conscience Clauses in Marriage legislation

Freedom of thought, conscience and speech for all

Free and fair markets and free enterprise

Fruitful work

Fiscal responsibility

Fair and secure neighbourhoods

First duty of Government

Full Conservative Government

Future for a truly Great Britain


Political ideas and actions are rooted in a transcendent moral framework.  We celebrate the Judaeo-Christian foundation of the law, constitution and way of life of our country.  We, therefore, affirm the freedom and responsibility of each person to choose freely what they believe, to be free to give public expression to their beliefs and faith and to live peaceably in mutual respect.


Our identity and values are formed through our relations with other people. The family protects against and reduces the need for an intrusive state. Traditional marriage is the most secure basis for a strong family and should be encouraged and supported, especially by the tax system. The family is the heart of healthy, vital, vibrant, meaningful and mutually respectful relationships, and provides the secure space within which our children can grow to become responsible citizens.  It defines and nourishes moral culture, discipline, learning and behaviour and thus ensures the flourishing of future generations.

Conscience Clauses in marriage legislation.

1 We oppose bullying of any kind in Schools, Universities or the work place.

2 We respect all human beings and strongly champion freedom of choice. Civil partnerships provide public recognition of the lifestyle choice of same-sex attracted people. However, we do believe that
marriage is between a man and a woman.

3 We advocate urgent legislation in the next Parliament to clarify and protect the rights of public sector employees eg teachers, registrars, chaplains etc who for reasons of religion or conscience believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. The following is our suggested list of conscience clauses to be enshrined within legislation and this list:

* Faith schools should not be required to promote SSM.
* Registrars, new or existing, who have a conscientious objection should not be required to solemnise a SSM.
* The 2010 Equality Act should be amended:

a) to make clear that discussion or criticism of SSM shall not be taken of itself to be discrimination,

b) to prevent discrimination against anyone who holds or promotes the belief that marriage is an exclusively heterosexual institution, and

c) to make the belief that marriage is an exclusively heterosexual institution a ‘protected characteristic’.

* Protection from accusations of discrimination for vicars, (pastors and ministers in all churches, hospital and military chaplains, and religious officials in all faith groups) who decide not to opt-in to
SSM, even though his/her church denomination has

* Strengthening protections against being compelled to solemnise SSMs by widening the definition of ‘compelled’ to include ‘less favourable treatment,’ ‘imposition of any criminal or civil penalty’ and ‘legal proceedings’.

* Exclusion of religious organisations from the remit of the Bill.

* Protections for religious organisations in the Equality Act to make it clear that public authorities must take ‘no regard’ of their views or actions regarding the solemnising of SSMs.

* The Public Order Act should be clarified to protect freedom of speech, to ensure that discussion or criticism of SSM is not, of itself, taken to be threatening or intended to stir up hatred."

* Protections for all employees who do not support SSM from demotion, dismissal or discrimination in
the workplace.


Freedom of thought, conscience and speech was and is founded in the Judaeo-Christian view of the inestimable worth of human beings made in the image of God, set in families and community and endowed with free will.  No government has the right to remove such freedom.  Laws and public policies must accord a reasonable accommodation for matters of conscience. We believe true freedom is a balance between rights and responsibilities in the context of law, community and democracy.  The right to vote out our rulers and change our law is fundamental to our freedom.

Free and Fair Markets and Free Enterprise

Free and fair markets and private enterprise, without undue Government intrusion or over-regulation, are essential to economic freedom and are the best generator of wealth, common well-being, opportunities and jobs. People and governments are stewards of resources entrusted to them to benefit the entire community, enhance and pass on to others.  The role of Government is to ensure that economic activity is conducted with integrity, supported by law, and benefits the community as a whole.

Fruitful Work

Prosperity is generated and poverty reduced when people are free to express their creative nature and enter into voluntary exchange to provide for themselves and their families so that they may flourish. Compassion is to be exercised towards those unable to participate and contribute.  Personal responsibility is to be reinforced, not undermined.  Government activity should encourage generous compassion, help people up and combat dependency.

Fiscal Responsibility

We must significantly lower the overall burden of taxation and strive for a balanced budget.  Prudent stewardship requires that individuals, institutions and governments not spend more than their income justifies.  Justice for our children means that people should not burden the next generation with debts.  A Government that lives within its means is thereby necessarily a limited form of Government.

Fair and secure neighbourhoods

Good neighbourliness does not require the uncritical acceptance of other cultures entirely on their own terms. Undifferentiated multiculturalism creates social fragmentation and imposes an inappropriate framework on all cultures.  Immigration policy must affirm mainstream British cultural integrity and strength.

First duty of Government 

The first duty of a Government is the defence of the realm and the promotion and preservation of law and order. We need a properly funded, well equipped and well trained, professional armed forces to defend the nation at home and British interests and treaty obligations overseas.We must fully meet the obligations of the Military Covenant in maintaining the welfare and well-being of members and veterans of our armed services.

Full Conservative Government

We are committed to help the Conservative Party secure a full and absolute majority at the next election by championing the issues and concerns of grassroots members and natural supporters of the Conservative Party while promoting true Conservative policies and solutions to meet the challenges faced by our communities and the wider country.


We believe in national self-determination and a sovereign Great Britain. Our families, collective national institutions and traditions are custodians of our culture of freedom, fair play, simple justice and mutual respect. These are under threat from inreased levels of family breakdown, growing intolerance and a loss of national identity and common purpose. We believe that greatness is to be achieved through hope, courage, hard work, enterprise, imagination, compassion and sacrifice, set in an unshakable belief in the generous providence of God and the immense potential of each and every person.


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